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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform State Inspections? Yes, we do.

How much does it cost to powdercoat each wheel? We powdercoat, $125 per wheel and up.


How much does tire rotation cost? $25.

How much oil change? $35 for regular; and $65 and up for synthetic.


How much do you guys charge for painting the caliper red? Usually it's around $50 - 75 each.

Do you refinish rotors? We replace rotors.

Do you do AC service? Yes, we do.


Do you do car inspections for used cars? Yes, we do.


Can you replace a seat belt buckle? Yes, we can. If it's not repairable we will be able to get you a price on a seatbelt based on the VIN number.


Do you repair curb rash damage? If so, how can I get an estimate? Yes, we do. Roughly $125 per wheel.

How long will it take to weld cracks on a rim? Around $90 and it will take under an hour.

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